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Hurricane Screen Systems By Atlas Armor

ATLAS ARMOR Miami-Dade Code Approved Hurricane Screen Systems

Florida Hurricane Protection Products is an Authorized Dealer for Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens in Martin County, Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County.


Miami-Dade's ONLY approved hurricane fabric roll-down screen designed for daily use.

NOA #19-0415.03 (Made right here in South Florida).


Feel confident with our 10-year Limited Warranty on Fabric and 5-year motor warranty when installed on your home.

All of our hurricane screen systems are custom made to the fraction of an inch for perfect fit and finish.


Our Hurricane Screen Systems have been tested and approved by Miami-Dade County and are currently the only roll-down fabric that has been approved for hurricane protection in the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).  We use the same high-quality Aramids as in Kevlar® fabric with a tensile strength-to-weight ratio 5 times stronger than steel.

NOA #19-0415.03.


Features and Benefits include:

• Advanced Hurricane Protection

• Decrease interior fading from damaging UV rays like our solar shades

• Save money by reducing energy bills

• Control lighting and privacy

• Keeps out insects, rodents, lizards and most animals

• Increase comfort while maintaining an adequate view 

• Filters out 88% of the sun's damaging effects

• Retracts into optional cassette housing, hood, or recessed opening

• Protect your house and valuables with a high-quality screen system that rolls up with the touch of a button

• Premium grade screen fabrics look great for years to come and are easy to clean (White/Tan, Black/Tan, and Black)

• 4 Standard Powder Coat finishes (White, Brown, Beige, and Ivory) 

Motorized operation, and Manual Handgear available on most units





















The Nautilus Shutter System

The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System provides many new features and benefits with it's patented, unique system. Featuring increased strength and versatility.  (US Patent Number 6,095,225 and 7,409,980).

The Nautilus Hurricane/Security Shutter is the world’s most compact rolling shutter system! No other aluminum rolling shutter in the industry can match the extraordinarily compact housing sizes while offering very large heights and widths. 72″ Unit height = 6.0″ housing. 144″ Unit height = 7.0″ housing.

The design of the Nautilus system speaks for itself with phenomenal strength and load capacity- Ideal for residential, commercial, storefront, mid-rise, and even high-rise applications with widths up to 240" and heights up to a staggering 33'

The Nautilus, small in size, but huge in strength! Tested for large missile impact. Approved for FBC NHVHZ, FL 12246 and FBC HVHZ, FL17079.



The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System is a state of the art end-retention shutter featuring the most compact housing in the industry. Nautilus Rolling Shutters are available in four colors: white, ivory, bronze and beige. 



The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System undergoes extensive and rigorous testing including large missile impact tests, forced entry tests for security purposes and is fatigue tested for up to 15,000 cycles to ensure the integrity and durability of each and every component. The Nautilus is Florida Building Code approved for non-high-velocity hurricane zones (NHVNZ) and high velocity (Dade and Broward counties) hurricane zones (HVHZ). Nautilus rolling shutters outperform every roll shutter on the market.



The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System is manufactured with only the highest quality aluminum components. The slats, axles, housings, and end caps are all fabricated from 6063 T-6 aluminum alloy for uncompromised strength and durability.


Nautilus Modes of Operation

The Nautilus can be electronically controlled with the use of a wall switch (Electrician Needed) or a hand-held remote control capable of operating up to 20 shutters from a single remote. Shutters can also be manually operated with the use of a removable crank, or even hand operated where they can be pulled up and down.

Mode Operator Maximum Size

Electrically Wall Switch 400 sq ft

Electrically Hand Held Remote (20 units) 400 sq ft

Manually Removable Crank Handle120 sq ft

HandPulled up & Down by Hand*120 sq ft

*The weight of the curtain is neutralized with the use of a balance spring. The base slat contains a spring-loaded keyed lock.



The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System has a variety of uses including hurricane shutter protection for typically mounted and built-in applications, storefront, security, countertops and is ideal for large porches and balconies.


Interlocking Hinge

The Nautilus slat uses an interlocking hinge which eliminates all “play” between slats. This allows the balance spring to operate to 100% of its capacity, neutralizing the weight of the entire curtain. This enables the end user to operate a very large 120 sq. ft. shutter manually with a crank or by pulling the shutter up and down by hand. The use of the starter slat which is affixed directly to the axle, the #12 retention screw and interlocking hinge create a shutter which is virtually impossible to breach by way of forced entry.


Assembly Hardware

Only 316 or 410 series marine grade stainless steel hardware is used in the construction of the Nautilus Rolling Shutter. The end retention screw is a 2 ¾” #12- 410 stainless steel truss head. The screw is spray coated with AC-Silver, a two-part corrosive resistant coating. A zinc-rich base coat provides sacrificial protection of the stainless steel substrate while the aluminum-rich organic top coat creates a durable barrier which provides exceptional galvanic corrosion resistance. AC-Silver is salt spray tested for 1000 hours. The retention bushing is made of high-performance acetal polymer.


Florida Building Code Approvals

Nautilus Rolling Shutter System
(NHVHZ)……………………………FL 12246

(HVHZ)………………………………FL 17079

U.S. Patent Numbers

U.S. Patent 6,095,225 AND U.S. Patent 7,409,980




















Hurricane Rolldown and Bahama Shutters By EMS


55mm Bertha™ End Retention Roll Shutters

Product Features:

• End Retention

• Vented slats let the light in

• Block the sun, wind, and rain

• Protect your patio, windows, and doors

• Offers comfort and security

• Double wall slat for wide spans and strength

• Powder coated paint finish



• Hurricane tested and approved

• Approvals: FBC-HVHZ, Non-HVHZ, IBC/IRC, TDI - Pending

• Up to 286 ½” wide


Options Include:

• Colors: White, Ivory, Beige, Bronze

• See out with View Ports • Motorization

• Operate with your smartphone • Storm bars

• Spring loaded system/fingertip control


40mm Patio Shade and Shutter

Product Features:

• Protect your patio today

• Block the sun, wind, and rain

• Spring loaded system

• Powder coated paint finish

• Fingertip control

• Vented slats let the light in

• No motor required

• No electric permit needed


Options Include:

• Hurricane protection

• Operate with your smartphone

• Motorization


Bertha HV Bahama Impact Rated Bahama Shutters

• Provide your Home with curb appeal

Give your house a unique look and a tropical feel while getting shade and hurricane protection at the same time.

• Lower electric bills

The Bahama system is always in position working on your behalf to cut energy costs.

• Stops the sun’s damaging rays

• Keeps the sun out while allowing some inward light transmission and outward view.

• Heavy duty ConstruCtion Durable powder coated aluminum construction

• Insurance discounts-Insurance companies offer discounts for approved hurricane protection including impact rated Bahamas Shutters





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